How to Use Creative Visualization Techniques to Manifest Your Ultimate Goals

Welcome to The Good Life 101, a website which will help you create an abundant and fulfilling life. I am Jenny Loveless, your Manifestation Mentor, and together, we will make all your dreams come true with the incredible power of the Law Of Attraction.

Today, I would like to teach you about visualization, one of the most important parts of attracting things with the Law Of Attraction. I will explain the basics of visualization to you, tell you what it is and how to do it correctly, so that you can easily attract anything you wish for. Remember that the Law Of Attraction is like the genie in Aladdin’s lamp: all you have to do is learn to use the lamp you’ve been given in a correct way.

To put a long story short, visualization is simply imagining you already received what it is you want. The Universe always gives us what it thinks we already have. So the goal here is to get The Universe to believe that we either have the things we want or we’ve already done them and therefore have the memory of it.
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