LOA story by Jenny


My law of attraction story is about visualization. I write and publish books on Amazon and I had been asking The Universe for a better ranking on one of my books. A better ranking means more sales. I had decided that I wanted my book to rank in the 8 thousands. So that night I took some time and visualized it. But when I did so, I only visualized the number in the thousands place. Meaning, I could only see the 8 in the thousands place but I couldn’t see anything else. The numbers in the hundreds, tens and ones place was blurred out. So it looked like my book was in the 8 thousands, but that’s all I knew. The next morning when I woke up I looked up my books ranking. It was 8,888. Because I only visualized the 8, all the universe gave me was 8’s. How crazy is that?

LOA story by Beran


After going through a tricky personal period in my life I found myself unable to manifest what I was striving for simply because I was not properly visualizing how my success would impact my life. I met an amazing author who specializes In building effective visualizations that specifically help to manifest…

LOA story by M. R. Foti


I’ve been working with the Law Of Attraction since 2010. It revolutionized different areas of my life, opening new doors for me and making my dreams come true! I have several success stories, but the most remarkable one is on how I manifested my soulmate. I started with the basics, which were cultivating self-love and happiness as a single person. Then, I removed negative beliefs I had about love. I wrote a list of traits I was looking for in my perfect partner, and visualized him being right next to me. Each day I told the Universe I was ready for a committed relationship, and acted as if I already had it. It didn’t take long for the reality to match the dream. After a few months, I met him, and almost instantly recognized him as The One. We began dating, and now we are married. The Law Of Attraction is like a djinn in the lamp: with it, the world becomes your oyster!

M. R. Foti, author and publisher

    LOA story by Remshagh


    I have been working with the Law of Attraction for several years now. I came across it while reading an amazing and best-selling book called ‘The Secret’. At the time, I was living with my parents and thought that I could never afford to travel or see the world. Reading the book made me prioritize travel. I kept visualizing what it would be like to travel. I would plan trips online and kept watching travel videos. Thinking about it 24/7 and discussing it with my loved ones helped me manifest what I thought was impossible! As I think about the past, I can truly see how the Law of Attraction and the Universe made it possible for me to travel. Since then, I have traveled to almost 10 countries. I look forward to continue traveling in the future and visualizing what I set out to accomplish! The world truly is your oyster when it comes to the Law of Attraction!

    Remsha, Author and Publisher

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