Law of Attraction for Kids

How to Teach Your Children About The Law of Attraction

Welcome to The Good Life 101, a website which will help you create an abundant and fulfilling life. I am Jenny Loveless, your Manifestation Mentor, and together, we will make all your dreams come true with the incredible power of the Law Of Attraction. Today, I will discuss the challenging topic of sharing your knowledge of the Law Of Attraction with the most important people in your life: your children. Before you start teaching it to your youngsters (or teens), I have a few tips that will help you “prepare the ground”

First of all, discuss your intentions with your partner. If they live by the same philosophy, you might reach a common consensus on how to teach the Law Of Attraction to your child. If they have another philosophy (follow a different religion, or are atheists), make sure that they agree you teach the children about the Law Of Attraction. It would be really counterproductive if they were to undermine your teaching attempts. A child that receives mixed signals about one thing from their parental figures is likely to become confused. They will sometimes believe you and sometimes doubt you. This is related to the fact that they will want to show loyalty both to you and to your partner.
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