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What can be more exciting than the law of attraction? When it’s used correctly it can give you anything you want in life. With all the information going around about the law of attraction, it’s benefits and the basics on making it work are becoming common knowledge. Unfortunately, though, for many, knowing the steps and actually making it work in your life are two different things.

What can be more exciting than the law of attraction? When it’s used correctly it can give you anything you want in life. With all the information going around about the law of attraction, it’s benefits and the basics on making it work are becoming common knowledge. Unfortunately, though, for many, knowing the steps and actually making it work in your life are two different things.

In order to truly manifest using the law of attraction our mindset must match that of which we trying to manifest. Everything from a rock found in your front yard to the water we drink vibrates, everything moving at it’s own speed. Even our thoughts have a vibrational disposition and it’s what we are thinking that establishes the speed of which that thought vibrates. And it’s the vibration from these thoughts that is what causes our own vibration and creating our lives.

Now, with that being said, if you want to manifest something, you need to get your own vibration to perfectly match the speed of vibrations of the things you’re wanting. And we do that with our thoughts and feelings.

To get really technical, it’s not necessarily our feelings that do this. It’s actually our thoughts. But we need both to make it work. This is because it’s impossible to keep tabs on every single one of our thoughts. And that is where our feelings come into play. Our feelings help us to figure out whether the thoughts we’re thinking are beneficial to us or not. If we’re unhappy it tells us we must be thinking negative thoughts that don’t coincide with the life we’re trying to create. And if we’re happy we know we’re thinking good thoughts.

For some of us, our mindsets are already right on par with where it needs to be in order to create our dream life. They have this type of mindset without even realizing what it is or that they have it. And so they are able to manifest the life they want without a hitch. But for many others, it’s not quite so easy.

When we’re just starting out it can take a tremendous amount of effort to train your mind and subconscious to truly trust and believe in the universe’s ability to materialize what you want to manifest. What’s even harder is putting full faith into yourself and believe that you are capable of making it happen.

After you’ve had some manifestations under your belt it gets so much easier to have the faith needed to manifest. But what do we do until then? How do you force your mind to think in one way when it’s been so conditioned to think in a different way for years?

Hypnosis is the perfect way to get your mind to think in the way you want it to with little to no effort at all. It’s the answer for all of those who understand how the law of attraction works and have been working the steps but still just can’t seem to get it to work for them. It’s easy to do and there is hypnosis for just about anything. People get hypnotized to stop smoking, for weight loss, to stop biting nails, to overcome fears and phobias, to get through addictions, to get passed menopause, for money management and so much more. You name it and you can be hypnotized for it. People are even looking younger without cosmetic surgery simply because they’re being hypnotized to believe they have youthful beautiful skin.

From the beginning of its discovery hypnosis was known and understood to have high value in medicine. But unfortunately, due to its exploitation by the wrong people, like magicians and the so-called, lunatics and crackpots back in the 18th century, hypnosis ended up with a bad rap and never really fully bounced back from that. Nevertheless, even though it’s not appreciated by everyone, it was finally excepted as a valid form of medical therapy in Great Britain in 1955 and then in the United States in 1958

So what exactly is hypnosis? As howstuffworks explains, “it is a trance like state characterized by extreme suggestibility, relaxation and heightened imagination.” It starts out with deep mind and body relaxation. Following the relaxation phase you are in an altered state of consciousness leading to a heightened focus resulting in higher susceptibility to suggestion. Here, Moose and Doc explains the stages and the process of hypnosis in much detail.

Being hypnotized has been explained to be similar to daydreaming or losing yourself in a movie or a book. During these types of hypnotisms you are still conscious but just vaguely aware of your surroundings and what is happening. In this type of hypnosis, since your eyes are open, pictures are used a lot of the time, but not all, to put the suggestions in your head. This is very beneficial because our brains work in pictures. Everything we think about is done with a picture in your head. So this can sometimes make it easier for your subconscious to accept the suggestions being pressed upon you. But you can also be put under deeper than that, where you would lay back and close your eyes as if you were asleep, however, you’re never actually fully asleep.

Once you’re in this state the hypnotist is then able to plant suggestions into your subconscious mind. Once you wake, or are ‘brought back’ to reality, you will remember most of what took place while you were under, although there are sometimes things that are not remembered. These things are usually due to the fact the patient wasn’t ready to consciously remember them and so they subconsciously but purposely pushed the memory away

Depending on what the issue is you’re trying to address in combination with how open minded or receptive you are will determine how may sessions it could take to see full results. Here in the Q& A section of Hypnosis Silver Spring they say, “Some issues, such as a phobia or motivation problem (such as procrastination) can be resolved in just one session. Other issues – such as anxiety, grief or stress – may require two or three.

The results can last years. I’ve heard of results lasting for 20 plus years. But, as we know, our thoughts affect everything. If you go into it believing that you will probably need to continue to periodically get hypnotized to keep your results, then that is exactly what is going to happen. Go into it thinking one session and you’re done for life, that’s most likely what you’ll get.

The majority of hypnotisms have been successful and hypnotism itself is deemed safe, however there is a bit more to the story one should know before trying this out. There is much controversy around hypnotism and if you do some research you’ll see why. When you ask the simple question, ‘do people have control over themself while being hypnotized, everyone has a different answer. I scoured the Internet myself trying to find this answer for you and simply put, no one can agree on one answer. For each site that said you are always in control of yourself while being hypnotized, there was another claiming the opposite.

This is the conclusion I have come up with. I believe it depends on how deep into a trance you go and what the hypnotist does. I believe it is very possible for a hypnotist to hypnotize you to the point where you not only won’t have control over yourself but you also won’t remember it later. There have too many cases where people have clucked like chickens on stage to explain later they had no control over themselves. There have been incidences where people have hypnotized cashiers to give them all the money in their tills.  But moreover, there have been several cases where women have been sexually molested while under or even after, being hypnotized to believe that she wanted to perform or endure the sex acts laid upon her.

But these things are very rare and hypnotism still remains to be considered a safe way to adjust your mindset. Do you research and read a lot of reviews. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, the benefits can outweigh the risks. Having said that, I’d still suggest only sticking to those marketing themselves as hypnotherapists, or something of the like, rather than finding someone who is more tailored for the entertainment value. When the word hypnotherapy is used, it is usually done in a more clinical type of environment that must abide by OSHA standards and therefore can be trusted a lot more. Plus, although it’s not always paid for, if you do it through a hypnotherapist, there is a possibility your health insurance could cover for it.

So, who would be a good candidate for hypnotherapy? Well, almost anyone can be hypnotized. Although, the more open minded you are the better. That’s why young people are great candidates for hypnosis, especially children. Their young active imaginations are wide open for suggestion. That’s why children are able to learn faster than adults. Often we hear about how a child was able to learn two languages fluently by the time they’re just a few years old whereas it usually would take adults much longer.

But hypnosis works great on most adults too. Again, how open minded you are is reflective to how susceptible you are to the hypnotic suggestion. But for those who are not very open minded, if hypnosis doesn’t fully work for you it can still work to a degree. So, really, anyone can be hypnotized, however people with mental disorders should not be hypnotized as it sometimes negatively affect them.

We’ve been talking mainly about the clinical form of hypnosis. But this type is not for everyone. If you are one of those people who just don’t care to go that route, there are other options you can take advantage of that give you similar benefits to clinical hypnosis.

There are videos and audios made by hypnotists that will hypnotize you in similar ways. Most of them, though, do take longer than one simple session. Usually, with these you’ll have to listen to or watch over and over again to get their full benefits. But still, they are a great alternative to traditional hypnosis and the price is right.

In fact, if you look right here in the hypnosis section of  thegoodlife101, you’ll find 150 hypnosis audios to choose from by one of the worlds best hypnotists today, Dr. Steve G. Jones. The subjects range anywhere from attaining beautiful skin, as I mentioned earlier in this post, natural childbirth, impotency, overcoming grief, road rage, penis enlargement, manage wedding stress, overcome ADD & ADHD, overcome cancer, better test taking, winning at golf, control your herpes, overcoming fear of needles, learning to play the piano, yes, you can even learn to play the piano easily by being hypnotized to believe that you are an amazing piano player. And that is just a small fraction of the things you’ll find.

You can also find free hypnotism videos on Youtube. They have many simple short videos that don’t take much time at all. Most of them you don’t even have to watch. You just simply listen. You’ll find many videos that have the hypnotist telling you calmly what to imagine as if you would in a personal session. And you’ll find others that are filled with affirmations. Affirmations work very similar to hypnosis. The only difference is with affirmations the messages you’re receiving become embedded into your subconscious over time instead of within 30 minutes to an hour as it would take in a personal hypnosis session. These videos brainwash your mind into believing the affirmations you’re telling yourself or you’re being told.

But personally, my favorite videos are the ones you can listen to throughout the night with subliminal messages. They are 6-10 hour videos filled with either the sound of crickets or rain with subliminal affirmations that your conscious actually can’t hear at all. Only your subconscious mind can hear it. Don’t ask me how it works but I love it. These are especially great if you have a partner that doesn’t like to listen to hypnosis at night. This way, I just turn on my sounds of the rain and allow the subliminal messages to do their thing and my husband is none the wiser.

My favorite overnight subliminal messages videos
9 Hours of Crickets ,
10 Hours of Rain

And here are some overnight affirmation videos for abundance, money, prosperity, and success with voiced affirmations
Abundance Affirmations while you sleep,
Attract Money & Power – Sleep Hypnosis Session By Thomas Hall

There are also a lot binaural beats videos. These are also supposed to be very hypnotic. Binaural beats are two tones put into each ear causing a response from the brain. You can read more on binaural beats here at Mindfit Hypnosis.

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