How to Teach Your Children About
The Law of Attraction

How to Teach Your Children About
The Law of Attraction

Welcome to The Good Life 101, a website which will help you create an abundant and fulfilling life. I am Jenny Loveless, your Manifestation Mentor, and together, we will make all your dreams come true with the incredible power of the Law Of Attraction.

Today, I will discuss the challenging topic of sharing your knowledge of the Law Of Attraction with the most important people in your life: your children. Before you start teaching it to your youngsters (or teens), I have a few tips that will help you “prepare the ground”.

First of all, discuss your intentions with your partner. If they live by the same philosophy, you might reach a common consensus on how to teach the Law Of Attraction to your child. If they have another philosophy (follow a different religion, or are atheists), make sure that they agree you teach the children about the Law Of Attraction. It would be really counterproductive if they were to undermine your teaching attempts. A child that receives mixed signals about one thing from their parental figures is likely to become confused. They will sometimes believe you and sometimes doubt you. This is related to the fact that they will want to show loyalty both to you and to your partner.

If you and your partner disagree on the Law Of Attraction topic, the child will believe whomever they have a better connection with. For this reason, make sure that your second half supports your conversion attempts (or at least, that they won’t interfere with them). If you and your child live together with the grandparents, converse about the matter in the same way, as you would with your partner. If your parents have their own belief systems that they fiercely protect, try to win some time alone with your child so that you two can talk about the Law Of Attractionundisturbed.

Don’t tell your child to keep it a secret from the grandparents (as they will feel tempted to tell them), but quietly explain that there are different religions in the world and that the grandparents have their own views, which are contrasting with yours. Be honest, and don’t feel afraid to tell your child, how important the Law of attraction philosophy is to you, or how much it changed your life. This will trigger their genuine interest. The Law Of Attraction is exciting to everyone, as it encourages us all to live our dreams. I’m sure that your child will perceive the Law Of Attraction as a magical treasure that has been revealed to them. But before you talk to them, make sure that the relationship between you two is harmonious.

If your child feels that they can trust you on a variety of topics, they will also believe you when it comes to the Law Of Attraction. Keep in mind, that if you constantly complain about everything your child does wrong, and then talk about the Law Of Attraction, they might perceive it as another set of rules required to follow at home. If the relationship with your child is rocky for some reason (e.g. they don’t accept your new partner, or you can’t force them to spend more time studying), take time to repair it – and only then plant the topic of the Law of attraction.

Now that we have scrutinized the basics, let’s focus on how to introduce the law of Attraction to younger children. Like I’ve already mentioned above, you need two different approaches. Children perceive the world in a more basic way than teenagers, and they still need to develop logical thinking. It might take them more time to comprehend the whole philosophy. As for teenagers, they are likely to understand it faster, but they will also have some doubts, which they may choose to vocalize, or not. We’ll talk about teenagers later in this article. When talking to your young child, start from asking them a few questions, for example:

  • Do you believe that the coincidence is meaningful?
  • What are your greatest dreams? Do you believe that they can come true?

Tell them, that we are here on Earth to live fulfilling lives, and to enjoy what the world gives us. If you kept your Law Of Attraction belief a secret, now it’s the time to come out of the closet with it. Start using words like manifest, attract, visualize, etc. Encourage your child to create their own vision board by pasting the drawings and photos of their dreams. Make plans together, then plan a scavenger hunt for signs from the Universe. Remember that younger children are only learning the importance of sharing, and their manifestation attempts might be very material. It’s possible, that when you refuse to buy a particular toy, they will throw a tantrum at you and reach the conclusion that theLaw Of Attraction is a lie.

To avoid this type of situation, teach them about patience and waiting. Also, recommend them to attract experiences, rather than physical objects. What a child truly wants is a new way to play, and the toy might be a means in which they are going to achieve their goal. Convince them to attract things like:

  • A day at the park with their favorite ice-cream
  • Finding a new best friend to have fun with
  • Going on amazing holidays etc.

Moreover, teach them to share what they already have. This will make them realize how abundant this Universe is. They will grow free from the feelings of lack. Remember, never to use the Law Of Attraction to manipulate your child feelings. Don’t force them to be happy and keep a smiling face when they are upset. This will make them believe that negative emotions, or weaknesses, lead to punishment. They will bottle more and more inside, which might manifest later as a dis-ease. Let them express what they feel, as it’s healthy for them.

Moreover, don’t teach them false rules, like, “the Universe can only deliver things your mom approves of”, or, “if you continue crying, the Universe will become upset with you”. By doing so, you are ruining your child’s Law Of Attraction, and once they become adults, they will hate you. So, don’t do it.

Let’s move on to discussing the teenagers now. Teenagers’ lives are mostly about school. They have already been taught in various classes to trust only those things that can be proved. For you, the signs received from the Universe might be the ultimate confirmation that your manifestation is coming true – but your teen might see them as simple coincidences. Don’t blame them for having this mindset: it’s the school’s fault. Teachers, who don’t believe in the Law Of Attraction, have already taught them that the textbooks are the most reliable sources of knowledge about life.

In order to make your team believe in you, you need some concrete proof of miracles achieved with the Law Of Attraction. Start from telling them about things that were scientifically proven, as nobody is likely to argue with science. Here are a few examples:

  • The magnetic field of the heart is stronger than the magnetic field of the brain(which is related to the Law Of Attraction principle claiming we ought to manifest with our hearts, rather than minds).
  • The binaural beats have the capability of impacting our brainwaves – and hence, changing our moods (which is related to the concept of raising your vibration with the help of music).
  • The double slit experiment, in which the presence of the observer alters the nature of a particle, making it behave in different ways (ultimate proof to the theory that thoughts change reality).

The Law Of Attraction is about believing, but you must explain it with logical arguments. Definitely avoid introducing it as some sort of magic or wishful thinking -your teen might think that you are making fun of their intelligence, or get upset. Be prepared that they might point out several instances in their lives where they wanted something, but didn’t get it. You need to provide an answer to that, if you want to win the debate and show them that the Law Of Attraction working.

When you are done with that, and they have believed you, show them how theLaw Of Attraction works for you. Write your affirmations, create vision boards and mind movies, then express your gratitude aloud. Tell them about the signs from the Universe you receive, and once you manifest what you truly wanted, make sure to share it with them as well! When they see the Law Of Attraction is scientifically proven, and it works for you, you won their enthusiasm!

Now, let’s talk a bit about do’s and don’ts.

First of all, make sure you really support your teenager’s dreams. Don’t tell them they can’t be a singer simply because you don’t like it. Always be honest with them about the difficulty of the goals that they have set for themselves, but never tell them that they can’t achieve something when they want it so much.

Second, don’t force your own dreams on them. It really is ok if your goals are separate and different. Always remember that your teen is as powerful as you are, and never try to manifest against them; or to manifest your own visions for them. Keep the manifestations separate, unless they naturally overlap – or unless they ask for your help.

Third, keep in mind that although your teen is responsible for their manifestations, they are young and inexperienced, and might not know that they are attracting bad things into their reality. Whenever you see some self-sabotaging patterns in your teen, e.g. they are speaking poorly about themselves, or self-harming, immediately take them to the psychologist. Don’t ignore their depressive and anxious feelings with hopes that they will go away on their own. They won’t. Negative vibrations tend to linger for long, and if they are buried in our subconsciousness, they might attract truly nasty things. Know that the more your teen focuses on their pain, the more of that they will attract, and never pretend that a problem doesn’t exist; instead, do your best to help them solve it.

Like with a child, always let your teen express their emotions. Adolescents tend to have lots of complex emotions. Validate them, and opt for honest conversations which will naturally clear the air between you two. Be as positive and encouraging as you can,but at the same time, don’t invalidate their negative experiences.

Fourth, don’t forget that almost every teenager’s goal is manifesting a soulmate. Tell them (as fast as possible), that the Law Of Attraction can’t force anyone to love us back. Convince them, that while they should actively pursue that person they like, its best they always keep their eyes open. The Law Of Attraction might put their real soulmate right next to your teen, but they might be too focused on some unattainable crush to notice. Explain the benefits of giving the Universe more than just one chance, and to try to manifest perfect love in general, instead of focusing on a significant person. The rule “this specific person OR SOMEONE BETTER” works amazingly, so make sure you teach it to them! This is really important, as teens tend to have some small crushes, which, in case things go wrong, have the potential to make them lose the faith in the Law Of Attraction.

Fifth, teach your teen about the importance of consistent action – and waiting. They might be interested in getting into a specific college, for example, but be on the first year of high school, and worry excessively about their grades. Make it clear that big goals take time, and eventually the sum of small actions will bring huge victory.

There are several benefits from sharing the Law Of Attraction with your child or teen. Together, the two of you can:

  1. MANIFEST TOGETHER: Two creators will always be stronger than one. You can set common goals and visualize them together, or support each other in acting and waiting.
  2. LEARN ABOUT THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: You can share your favorite LawOf Attraction books with your child, and you two can listen to the same Law of attraction coaches. Law Of Attraction is a common passion for you, and you will surely bond over it.
  3. CREATE A BETTER LIFE EXPERIENCE: Your relation will definitely be healthier, and you, as a parent, can definitely promote the atmosphere of pursuing goals in your home.
  4. DISCUSS DIFFICULTIES: When something doesn’t work the way it should, you can always discuss it with your child. They might be able to help you by correcting a mistake you didn’t know you were doing – and you can encourage them to continue manifesting regardless of failures.

And what if my child refuses to believe in the Law Of Attraction? you might ask. Should I just give up?

Not necessarily. There are still things that you can do to turns this situation around. Always remember that teaching your child about the Law Of Attraction is in their best interest, and it’s perfectly natural you don’t want to give up on it, as a parent. When your son or daughter refuses to believe in the Law Of Attraction, try to find the real reason behind their protest. Maybe they wanted something badly, but didn’t-receive it? Use your knowledge of the Law Of Attraction philosophy to explain to your child (or teen), why some manifestations fail, and what can be done about it. Always teach your child to try again and again, if they truly love something.

People who are persistent succeed more often than the people who give up after a try. Teach your child to stand up after failures instead of being a quitter!

Another thing that you can do, is encourage them to make a Law Of Attraction test. To increase the chances of the test ending in success, ask them to manifest 10different things. They will pass the test once they manifest 5-7 of them. The reason whyI’m asking you to convince them to manifest more things than just one, is, at times, it might be difficult to manifest a particular random thing to which one has no attachment to(like a drumstick).

Last, but not least: give your child (or teen) time to get acquainted with the Law of Attraction. It’s a revolutionary philosophy that often seems to be too good to be true. Everyone needs time to test it and to think of what can be done with it. Good luck! Remember that your dreams are all within the reach of your hand.

Please share stories of how you introduced the Law Of Attraction to your children (or teens) in the comment section below!

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