How to read the signs from The Universe

How to read the signs from The Universe

Welcome to The Good Life 101, a website which will help you create an abundant and fulfilling life. I am Jenny Loveless, author or The Secret Power of The Universe and my goal is to teach you how to create the life of your dreams with the power of the law of attraction.

Today, I would like to talk to you about intuition. Let’s start with the question, what is intuition, actually?

Intuition is our sixth sense, which gives us the capability to gain rapid insight.

Some describe it as a biological phenomenon. Our body can tell us what to do – and what not to do. We all have instincts, either innate or acquired. For example, maybe you weren’t afraid of water at first – but after being rescued from drowning, you realized that swimming in unguarded pools was dangerous. Your instincts will tell you to avoid it.

However, intuition is much more than that. It’s the hunch about a situation, which informs you, how to act. Somehow, you just know, even though nobody told you and you didn’t read it anywhere.

This feeling is your intuition.

Now let’s talk about what the intuition is not: fear.

When our reason is hijacked by anxiety, we tend to panic. Our dreadful thoughts seem to be the truth… but they aren’t. Moreover – they are definitely not signs from the Universe, unless we treat them as indicators of our current vibrational state, which is easy to determine (fear).

The signs that our manifestation is on its way, are different. To recognize and interpret them correctly, we must first learn what they are like – and how the Universe creates them.

The rule is incredibly easy: anything that’s related to the dream you are trying to manifest, which shows up in your current reality and strongly catches your attention, is probably the sign you are looking for.

The easiest example will be overhearing a conversation between two strangers. You don’t know them, and you aren’t interested in hearing what they talk about; but maybe, they are sitting close to you in a café, and it’s impossible not to listen to what they say. You could be planning to sign up for a gym this summer, and their topic is similar – e.g. they are giving each other tips how to maximize the profits from a work-out.

Another example is a radio song. You hear a line of text, and its meaning strikes you. All of sudden, you know exactly what you are feeling, and what you should do.

Often, when we feel defeated, the Universe is likely to lift us up by providing support. It can show you an online picture with the right quote, or use items that are already around you. Let me tell you about a situation that occurred to me while I was writing a scene for my book, Holly Horse and Great Quest. In that particular fragment, Holly Horse was supposed to climb up a mountain, but it needed a guide, which had to be some other animal. For one reason or another, I truly struggled to invent that character. So, I decided to take a break. I asked the Universe to give me a hint and then, I let it all go. I did some cleaning around the house, and as I was sorting my daughter’s toys, I saw her animal farm. I started picking the elements without linking it to my book, and all of sudden, I paid attention to the tiny goat figurine I was holding in my hand. And it struck me, that was it! A goat! A goat would become the next character. It worked perfectly because goats live in the mountains. The solution not only hit the jackpot, but it also dawned on me pretty fast.

“But how can I know it’s really a sign from the Universe directing me towards my goal,  preparing me for my manifestation? What if I’m just making things up?” you might ask me.

My answer is: once the Universe gives you a sign, and you spot it, you will recognize it straight away (provided your mind is susceptible enough).

If it isn’t, you are likely to look at a sign from the Universe, and totally ignore it. There won’t be that flash of emotion, and there won’t be any recognition. How do I know it? Well – how many times you passed next to a shop you were never interested in, but then, when you realized you needed something from it, it magically showed up in front of you? And you wondered how it’s possible that it was always there, but you never noticed it? Or – how many love stories are there, in which the protagonist never noticed their best friend until they started looking for their twin flame? The best friend was there all the time, but it took a sign from the Universe to make the protagonist finally notice them.

One of the best tips that I can give you about recognizing signs, is to stick to the feeling that they give you. When you ask the Universe a specific question and spot something that could be a sign, just take it as the sign. It’s as easy as that.

The worst mistake people do when seeing a sign from the Universe is doubt it. Like attracts like, and feeling uncertain about something is going to manifest even more confusion – which will make you lose even more confidence. Don’t stress too much about the signs, just accept what they have to tell you. Signs are a lot like events foreshadowing the end of the chapter in a novel.

Another mistake which is unfortunately quite frequent is questioning your goal. Some people might wonder if they are really on the right path. They keep asking questions about their destiny and fate, without realizing the fact that it is their intention that truly writes things in stone, not some inner order. When people know what their calling is, but have a feeling that they should be doing something different in their lives, no amount of signs on the sky or ground is going to convince them that their calling is what they should choose. As they will always doubt it.

The Universe agrees with everything that you tell yourself. If you like that person, but believe them to be out of your league, the Universe will give you signs that are likely to prove your point. When we aren’t 100% certain about what we want, and when we want it, the Universe will continue giving us mixed signs, or signs that don’t satisfy us.

How do I understand a sign that that Universe gives me? you surely want to ask. Sometimes, the Universe won’t deliver a specific sign; instead, it will give us pieces of the puzzle, or send mirror hours, number combinations or tarot cards. In this case, it might be useful to research the sign or ask a wise person about it.

A more complex case is analyzing the behaviors and words of the people around us. Like attracts like, and we can see ourselves in other people that mirror our beliefs and attitudes to life. If someone particularly upsets you or catches your attention, the Universe might have brought them into your life to teach you about something.

There are various techniques to enhance the feeling of connection to the Universe. With a better connection, more signs will be visible. For example, when I was working on a long-term project, and didn’t have any guarantee of success, I kept asking the Universe for guidance and encouragement. It responded by sending mirror hours to me. Sometimes, I saw them up to 4 times a day. My friends couldn’t believe me, so I sent them screenshots.

One of the ways to remain assured your intuition is working well is to keep an open third eye chakra. The third eye chakra is located right on your forehead, between the brows (the Indians usually paste a gem or decoration on that place, as a part of their tradition). When the third eye chakra is open, we are susceptible to receiving divine messages. However, the third eye chakra itself isn’t responsible for the connection to the Universe – this is the task of the crown chakra.

When these two chakras are active, you are likely to perceive coincidences as meaningful. When they are underactive, you probably won’t spot signs. Moreover, you might feel spiritually abandoned: like you are all alone on your quest, like there isn’t anyone watching over you and your manifestation.

There are several ways to open these two chakras. One of them is using mudras (gestures popular in Buddhist or Hindu traditions) to enhance your meditation practice. You can also listen to specific mantras and frequencies – they are highly beneficial for the two above mentioned chakras. Affirmations are also likely to work in your favor: they are an amazing tool for changing the subconscious thought patterns.

If you are sure your chakras are open, but still haven’t received any signs which would encourage you to continue manifesting, just ask the Universe to send you proof that things will go your way. The Universe is very responsive, and it always delivers what we ask for. However, if we don’t interact with it, if we don’t ask it for help on our paths, it won’t give us any tips or directions. We live in an independence cult, true, but forcing yourself to act independently of the Universe isn’t a good idea.

Always actively ask the Universe for help. You can trust the Universe, but in order to have it speak to you, you must make a move first. It’s like playing chess with an opponent that’s only interested in the game once you are already practicing at the chessboard and making moves on your own.

The Law Of Attraction always works, and if you aren’t engaged in it consciously, you are communicating with the Universe subconsciously. And our subconsciousness is full of fear and negativity.

People who don’t believe in the Law Of Attraction often live at the mercy of the circumstance. They content themselves with little and postpone things that matter to them for later. They are just spending time, without going in any particular direction – so the Universe delivers little to no signs to them. And when it does, they usually shake them off, telling themselves that these are unimportant coincidences. It’s sad and shocking, but the majority of the people outside of the spiritual community are likely to perceive things that way.

In order to truly see signs, it’s crucial that you have a goal towards which you can look. Think about it this way: when you are outside of the forest, you can’t see any signs. However, when you decide you want to find a certain natural sight, and you step on the right path, the signs will start appearing for you. Still, they will remain invisible to those who are stuck outside, on the parking lot.

I hope that this will facilitate the process of attracting your goals and that now, you know perfectly how to ask Universe for signs, and how to recognize them.

Happy Manifesting!

Remember that your dreams are all within the reach of your hand. Please share signs you received from the Universe in the comment section below!

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